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Bunkers Buddies Program

One of the most important components of the work that Bunkers in Baghdad does is accomplished through our “Bunkers Buddies” program.   The Bunkers Buddies program teams up with children and young adults of all ages from schools across the United States to encourage civic engagement and participation in community services.  We have worked with students from 504 different schools (from elementary schools to colleges and universities) in 47 states who participate in our program. 

The program encourages students to participate in our work at all levels - in addition to fundraising, Bunkers Buddies hold equipment drives and package equipment to be shipped to soldiers.  They also write letters, draw pictures and make homemade cards to be included in shipments to the troops.  Often, these shipments are to their own family members or family members of fellow students which makes them even more special. 

In addition to providing college recommendations and fulfilling community service requirements for our high school level Bunkers Buddies, we are proud to present our “Dick Nelson Commitment to Service Award and Scholarship” to deserving college-bound Bunkers Buddies.

We believe in passing on the spirit of community service to the next generation of leaders and the Bunkers Buddies program is specifically tailored to work with teachers to create projects that are age and grade-level appropriate. 

If you are a student, educator or parent who would like to start a Bunkers Buddies chapter at your school, please contact Bunkers’ President, Joe Hanna for more information.

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