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Mail Call

Mail Call

The posts in this section are all taken directly from mail we have received from troops around the world and some were taken from our GreatNonProfits.org review page. They do a better job than we ever could of demonstrating why your support is invaluable.

Please take a moment to read their feedback and you’ll understand the impact that your donations make in the lives of soldiers, wounded warriors and veterans around the world.

Jeff Gemmer
I am writing about the the Bunkers in Baghdad organization. This group has been providing golf balls and clubs to military in Iraq and Afghanistan for many years, giving our courageous men and women a chance to release some of their stress and receive something valuable from back Home, The U. S. A. My son has recently been deployed , for the third time, and will be receiving these gifts very shortly, due to the fine work of Joe Hanna, a former student of mine , and the "Bunkers in Baghdad" program. My God Bless our military men and women and the awesome folks at the "Bunkers" program. Sincerely, Jeff Gemmer

I'm currently deployed to South West Asia for six months. As you may know there is little to do here for entertainment other than the gym and watching old movies. The I heard about Bunkers in Bagdad an I sent off an email to ask about donations. Within 2 weeks I received an nice set of clubs and plenty of golf balls to slap all over the desert. There are 18 guys in my small section and we have a blast. This is more than a donation of just golf clubs it a much needed lift to our morale and helps relieve the stress of not being home with friends and family. Thanks again.

My unit is deployed in Afghanistan, and are options for our free time include going to the gym and the DFAC until Bunkers in Baghdad gave us some balls and clubs. Now we regularly have competitions seeing who can hit it over the mountains, and laughing at each others swing and miss attempts. The equipment has proven to be a morale booster in a big way and given our guys a few moments of reprise from the daily grind.

I am an Active Duty Soldier stationed overseas and I am on my 4th tour. Bunkers In Baghdad has really come through in a big way. I was just about at wits end with boredom in my limited free time and my stress levels were throu8gh the roof. I contacted Joe and he responded in a timely manner. This program is a God send as Golf is the only thing I can constructively do to relieve stress and forget about where I am at and what I'm doing. I contacted multiple Golf equipment companies and they gave me the standard "we support our troops but we can't support our troops" spiel. Joe didn't. He was more than helpful and I cannot thank him enough and neither can my troops lol. Im a much happier person. this organization is classy and by far the best I've dealt with in over 12 years in Service.

Garykathy S.
I am an active duty soldier currently working with the Warrior Transition Battalion, I found this program and when I spoke to Joe he was more than accomodating. This program is such an amazing opportunity for the soldiers to enjoy the game of golf. As a cadre at the WTB we have actually started a golf program to assist in the healing of our wounded soldiers, this has become a great success and we are planning on growing the program as much as we can. I have been working hard to grow the program because I know that it works. I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to my deployments and no matter what is going on in my life or at my job when I am out there on the golf course I am free, free from stress free from danger and free from all the turmoil that my past deployments have caused me. I am so thankful for Joe and Bunkers in Baghdad for there help and generosity. Please keep up the tradition and continue to save lives, Thank you Joe and Bunkers in Baghdad.

I am Active Duty Army and work around a lot of Wounded Warriors. I have deployed numerous times and love the sport of Golf. I received some golf clubs in Iraq on one of my deployments and thought about how awesome it was. Looking for a way to give back and share the sport of golf, I found out about bunkers by chance when i was contacting Callaway Golf. Joe Hannah and his crew have been awesome. they have donated balls and clubs. He has been great and very helpful. Please share with others and give to this wonderful organization.

Bryan F.
I came across Bunkers in Baghdad a few years ago when I attempted to start a golf business. We were looking to partner with the group and help raise money for the organization. Right away I was impressed by Joe Hanna's professionalism and the passion he had for Bunkers. Although we never became business partners I have continued to watch Bunkers in Baghdad grow into what it has become today. My brother is a Captain in the Army in Rochester, New York and has served two tours in Afghanistan. Joe provided my brothers unit with golf equipment on his last tour. This small gesture went a long way in helping my brother's men deal with the hardship of being away from home. They all appreciated the work that Bunkers in Baghdad has done in order to make their lives a little better. Bunkers in Baghdad provides a great service for our armed forces and Joe Hanna's passion has grown this non-profit into a professional organization. I hope people and the golfing community continue to support them.

I can't put into words how much this organization means to me. I am active duty Army on my second tour in three years which has become the norm of our Armed Services over the past decade. I became aware of Bunkers in Baghdad my last deployment by chance from my Mom who has worked with Mr. Hanna. The rest is history as they say. The stress of deployment is carried back to the home front post deployment however I honestly believe through the generous donations of Bunkers In Baghdad a lot of our soldiers were able to release stress before they came back. I can't thank Mr. Hanna and his organization enough.

I am an active duty Marine stationed overseas. I heard about this orginization from a friend so I wrote a letter requesting some equipment to help relieve some stress, and provide a positive outlet for the guys when we have some down time. Joe wrote me back promptlly, and had our stuff in the mail withen a few days. Now my Marines have a new hobby that they really enjoy.

Sergeant Major
I am a member of the Army Professional. I heard about Bunkers in Baghdad through another member of the organization. I was pleasantly surprised at how soon Mr. Hanna replied to my email and therefore, my request. It was not soon after that, that we received the requested donation from Mr. Hanna's team. So many organizations speak of giving back and supporting the military but, often than none, it never comes to fruition. Bunkers in Baghdad is a credible organization and has earned the respect of myself and peers alike. In combat, Soldiers go through very emotional and stressful times; when organizations as Bunkers in Baghdad reach out and support the troops in order to bring a little joy and happiness; that little spark of joy and happiness does make a difference and it is sincerely appreciated. Lastly, from the team here in Afghanistan; thank you Bunkers for supporting our american fighting men and women. GOD BLESS! Sincerely, Sergeant Major

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